Friday, 12 October 2012


For years there has been talk of a Short Circuit remake.  The production has gone through numerous scripts, directors and false starts, but nothing has ever materialised.

But now, after years of remake speculation, it looks like fans might get what they really want - a proper sequel.  This synopsis for a third movie was recently leaked by an employee at Dimension Films who own the rights to Short Circuit and all related characters.  Dimension have neither confirmed nor denied that Short Circuit 3 is happening, but it would certainly seem that a third movie is on the cards...



Johnny Five, America’s first robotic citizen, has spent the last 25 years living peacefully in Montana with his friends Newton and Stephanie Crosby (Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy).  When Newton and Stephanie’s son visits with his wife and newborn baby, Johnny Five realises that something is missing from his own life and if he is to be truly alive, he must reproduce.

After a comedic sequence involving Johnny Five going on a series of disastrous dates in the hope of finding somebody to mother his child, he decides that the best course of action is to build his offspring himself… and so ‘Little Johnny’ is ‘born’.

To begin with, Little Johnny brings nothing but joy to Johnny Five and the Crosbys but his robotic mind develops rapidly and within weeks he has become a surly teen.  To Johnny Five’s dismay, Little Johnny doesn’t care for ‘input’ and claims that the 80s ‘sucked’.  Despite having an immeasurably high IQ, his grades start to suffer and he eventually drops out of school altogether to join a gang.  Before long he’s robbing gas stations and getting high on battery acid.

Johnny Five, Stephanie and Newton Skype their millionaire friends in New York, Ben (Fisher Stevens) and Fred (Michael McKean) and together the group plan an intervention, but meanwhile, Little Johnny comes to his own conclusions about the path he has chosen when his friend, Zeek, is shot by Kane, the leader of the gang.  From his hospital bed, Zeek tells Little Johnny that he’s a good guy and shouldn’t be hanging around with such bad people.  Confused, Little Johnny goes to the observatory overlooking the town to contemplate his future.

Little Johnny decides to go back to school but as he leaves the observatory he is accosted by Kane, who tells him about the gang’s plan to burn down the school.  Little Johnny plays along but as soon as Kane has gone he runs to the only person in the world he knows he can trust – his Dad, Johnny Five.

Together, Father and son hatch a plan to take down the gang and save the school using a combination of Little Johnny’s street knowledge and Johnny Five’s old fashioned 80s-style antics.  They succeed and Kane is publicly humiliated when Johnny Five ties his pants to the school flag pole, causing Kane to moon the entire school.  Little Johnny laughs and hi-fives his Dad – it looks like Johnny Five isn’t so uncool after all!

Three months later, with Kane and his gang safely behind bars, Johnny Five, Newton, Stephanie, Ben and Fred attend Little Johnny’s high school graduation. When asked how he feels, Little Johnny says he feels ‘Alive’.


So there we have it folks.  Whether or not this story sees the light of day, Dimension are at least considering a third Short Circuit movie.  And that makes me feel 'Alive',  How about you?